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Dettelbach Wants Better Records Kept On Harassment, Inappropriate Conduct

Steve Dettelbach, Democratic candidate for Ohio Attorney General
Steve Dettelbach, Democratic candidate for Ohio Attorney General

A state Senator, a state Representative and a Senate chief of staff all resigned within a month with no other information other than it was due to “inappropriate conduct.” But no further information was officially offered. A candidate for statewide office wants to require more information about such allegations.

Steve Dettelbach, Democratic candidate for Attorney General, says just using that term -- “inappropriate conduct” -- isn’t enough when state government is involved.

Dettelbach says he would seek requirements for staff leaders to write up a report on each allegation, to create a paper trail to explain what happened.

“We need to make sure that if someone is doing this that there’s a record of it so that they don’t go out and find the next intern, the next victim, the next donor or supporter’s college kid and do the same thing to them as they did to the last person.”

A spokesperson for Dettelbach’s presumed Republican opponent, Auditor Dave Yost, says what the Democrat is proposing is already current policy.

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