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Ohio's Auditor Talks About His Food Stamp Audit With Members Of Congress

Ohio Auditor Dave Yost
Ohio Auditor Dave Yost

State Auditor Dave Yost has shared his recent limited audit of the federal food stamp program in Ohio with a congressional committee.

Yost’s limited review of Ohioans who are part of the federal SNAP or food stamp program showed there could be some fraud in the system. He identified 36 dead people who were receiving benefits and in some cases, someone was still using the card. While he admits fraud is not widespread, he says it needs to be addressed.

“For those who hunger and those who pay the bill, we owe a greater effort toward integrity.”

Yost says if states managed the program, they could better seek out and prosecute fraud. Advocates for low-income people say the vast majority of SNAP recipients need the program and shouldn’t suffer because of the fraud committed by others.

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