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Tech Tuesday: Some schools banning cell phones

 Man Using Mobile Phone

Some U.S. schools, as well as some schools in other countries, are taking steps to pry cell phones out of students’ hands.

In October, the British government recommended a nationwide prohibition in schools. Nearly one in four countries have put rules or laws in place.

In the U.S., more states are taking action. In May, Florida passed a sweeping law requiring school districts to impose rules barring cell phone use during class time.

But one Florida district takes the new state law a step further by not allowing no cell phones at all.

Microchips produce more heat than ever before.

That’s a result of engineers working to make the chips more powerful and functional.

To offset the heat factor, companies, including Intel, are experimenting with an array of materials, including synthetic diamonds, in hopes they help.

Apple wants to narrow the communication divide between iPhone and Android users.

Texting between the two devices is dicey at best.

Last week, Apple confirmed that it would build support for the Rich Communication Services messaging standard, known as RCS, into future software releases.

Does that mean the end of the green bubble, blue bubble tension?


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