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The future of voting in Ohio

 A roll of "Ohio Voted" stickers on a table at a polling location.
Michael Conroy
"Ohio Voted" stickers await voters after they cast their ballots at the Meadowbook Golf Club in Clayton, Ohio Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022.

How Ohioans vote could change in the coming years depending on proposals that are now winding through the Statehouse.

Two bills in the General Assembly would close Ohio’s primaries to registered party members only and eliminate ballot drop boxes.

Another possible change that could be coming is ranked choice voting, a possible amendment that would allow voters to rank candidates in order of preference.

A growing number of states are adopting changes, the reasons and political motivations vary.

But voting rights advocates worry about changes that put additional roadblocks in the way.

They point to a photo ID requirement that went into effect earlier this year.

In the August special election, almost one-third of provisional ballots were tossed for insufficient identification.

As today is Election Day, we look at the future of voting in Ohio.


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