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Children's And Young Adult Literature

Stack of Books

Children and young adult literature has changed througout the decades. 

The very first children's books were printed and sold in 1740. The earliest children's books were designed to teach kids moral behavior.

From Little Women to modern-day series such as The Palace Chronicles, this genre has been educating and encouraging young people to read.

Today on All Sides, children's and young adult literature through the years, where it started and where the genre is going.

This weekend, you can see a production of "Little Women" in Schiller Park. 

Margaret Peterson Haddix will be speaking at the Thurber House on Saturday. 


  • Margaret Peterson Haddix, YA/Children's book author
  • Amy Pattee, asssociate professor School of Library and Information Science 
  • Abby Warden, ​Jo in Actors Theatre production of Little Women
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