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Health Issues and the Presidency

Gage Skidmore
Wikimedia Commons

After Hillary Clinton excused herself from a memorial service commemorating 9/11 in New York City on Sunday, someone captured video of her appearing to collapse as she boarded a waiting van. Hours later, her staff revealed Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia a few days earlier. The illness comes at a time when Trump supporters have been heavily scrutinizing Clinton over her health.  Clinton's hesitation to reveal her illness may fall into line with a long history of politicians sheltering their medical conditions.


  • Jess McIntosh, Director of Communications Outreach, Hillary Clinton Campaign
  • Robert Gilbert, Political Scientist, Northeastern University
  • Dr. Jay Murphy, Cardiologist in Olathe, Kansas and Author of “What Ails the White House: An Introduction to the Medical History of the American Presidency"