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August Wilson's Fences


American baseball remained segregated up until the moment Jackie Robinson stepped on the field in 1947. Before that, black Americans competed in the Negro leagues, which folded upon integration.  August Wilson's play Fences takes place shortly after integration.  The play tells the story of an ex-Negro league baseball player, his bitterness and its effect on his family.  Fences is sixth in Wilson's ten-part "Pittsburgh Cycle," which explores the African-American experience over the course of a century.


  • Edwin Kittel, August Wilson’s brother
  • Mark Clayton Southers, Award-Winning Playwright, Theatrical Producer and the Director of Fences 
  • Donald Spivey, History Professor, University of Miami
  • Peter Yockel, Board President, Short North Stage


  • September 8-25: Fences (Short North Stage season opener), Garden Theater, evenings at 8 pm, matinees at 3 p.m.
  • October 13-23: The Piano Lesson (Denison University full production) October 13-15 atDenison; Oct 21-23 at Garden Theater, 8 p.m details to be announced.
  • November 10-13: King Hedley II (Short North Stage staged reading. Garden Theater Green Room.
  • December 1-17: Radio Golf (PAST Productions Columbus full play) Garden Theater, Details to be announced.