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Wellness Wednesday: HIV Prevention, Dental Crisis, Safer Plastics

Henry Lawford
Flickr, Creative Commons
Dental therapists can bring dental care to underserved areas.

More than four thousand people in central Ohio live with HIV. Despite great medical advancements in the treatment of the disease, it continues to devastate our community. But now there’s a new breakthrough drug that helps prevent HIV altogether.

We'll talk about what this game-changer means for at-risk populations, and why more people aren’t signing up. Then it’s a closer look at Ohio’s dental care crisis, and the latest news on safer plastics.


  • Dr. Jose Bazan, medical director of the Columbus Public Health Sexual Health Clinic and assistant professor at OSU 
  • Wendell Potter, senior analyst at the Center for Public Integrity 
  • Dr. John Swartzberg, chair of the editorial board of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health Wellness Letter

Weds, May 13, Wendell Potter will be speaking at Broad Street Presbyterian Church in Columbus  

This episode originally aired on May 13, 2015 at 11 a.m.