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Stories for the Ages: Healthy Earlier Aging And The Spirited Life

Stories for the Ages - WOSU Public Media

Retirement means letting go of busy lifestyles and unlearning some habits, but also provides the opportunity for learning, playfulness, transcendence and spiritual reflection. 

In the final podcast of this mini series, we discuss retirement, the aging process and the journey of self-reflection from a spiritual perspective.

We talk with two guests in their late 50s and early 60s to discuss their rewarding and exciting journey of aging. They explain the process of letting go of a previous lifestyle and social group and learning how to enjoy a new type of life, revealing that your biggest challenge might be right between your ears.

Dan Sedmak, a retired physician discusses his pilgrimage to the Camino de Santiago, the famous pilgrimage in Europe, and how meditation can be a huge part of this journey.

He stresses the importance of relationships, physical health and exercise, and having a sense of purpose, for healthy aging.

Artie Isaac, a businessman, teacher and blogger, uses meditation and his marriage to keep him grounded in the things that are important, considering his parents’ older years and looking forward to his own.

He teaches us the importance of getting in touch with each aspect of your world, both mentally and somatically.

These fun and quirky guests will use their profound experiences to help you see the sacred dimensions in your every day.