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Stories for the Ages: Aging Tough

Stories for the Ages - WOSU Public Media

No amount of positive thinking can take away the work of aging.

Adaptations to less energy and loss of friends are ever necessary, and we must creatively spend the time that was once filled by family and career roles that kept us happily occupied.


Most elders must deal with the task of saying goodbye to family and friends who go before us. But how we go about those goodbyes is all-important.

An ordained minister Mike Murray of Austin, Texas, discusses loss of loved ones from both a professional and a personal point of view.

On his 80th birthday, Murray describes how loss often comes with change, and we must feel each emotion that follows these changes, never labeling emotions as “bad,” but simply feeling them, accepting them, and managing them.

In this episode we take an honest and often humorous look at the realizations about work, health, friends and more—that come with aging.

We dive into the experiences of Murray and Peter Block, an author and consultant based out of Cincinnati, both are two happily-aging individuals well past the feat of the early retirement period, the stories told will provide insight on some key aging tasks and required self-talk to age happily with the changes that come about. These two will show you how they celebrate their changing lives, and how you can do the same.