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Stories For The Ages: Following Your Passions Later In Life

Stories for the Ages - WOSU Public Media

Much can be learned, retired or not retired, from a former hospital executive and a very un-retired university chancellor turned CEO, still in the thick of the action. 

These two leaders share experiences of expansive leadership roles, and they continue their work because of the purpose it provides and the contribution they love to make. 

In this episode we spoke with Dr. Hagop Mekhjian, retired associate vice president for Health Sciences Administration at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, and Leo Morton who recently left his post as the chancellor University of Missouri-Kansas City to become chief operating officer at DeBruce Companies.

For some, a garden, some travel and a bit of grandparenting may be quite enough to motivate aging people to wake up each morning with a fresh heart that looks forward to the day’s activities and interactions. For others, like the two featured in this podcast, a full schedule and lively life is the only way to age.

They discuss the importance of having a deliberate plan, not only for the day but for a couple of years, and the importance of finding a purpose for your life and a solid reason to wake up in the morning.

We also also about passion, and how following your passions into activities and volunteer work can lead to enjoyable and fulfilling years later in life.