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Nothing New In Gov. DeWine's Address

Gov. Mike DeWine inside the Governor's Residence in Columbus on Dec. 13, 2019.
John Minchillo
Associated Press

In this week's episode of Snollygoster, Ohio's politics podcast from WOSU, hosts Mike Thompson and Steve Brown discuss Gov. Mike DeWine's live address on Wednesday evening, which was broadcast on television and radio stations across the state.

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In this week's episode:
Where's The Beef?

All of Ohio waited with baited breath as Gov. DeWine stepped to the podium Wednesday evening. Would he issue a statewide mask mandate or even move to shut down businesses again?

Nope. The governor did nothing, at least when it comes to new policy meant to limit the spread of the coronavirus. He did issue a strong warning, saying Ohio is getting a second chance to fight off the worst of the pandemic, but likely won’t get a third. 

DeWine also tried to dispel the myth that all of the increase can be blamed on increased testing.

As to why he is not issuing a mask mandate, Ohio House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes says DeWine is folding to political pressure from within his own Republican party.

Snollygoster Of The Week: Mike DeWine

He cancels his regular briefing on Tuesday, then schedules a special address at 5:30 p.m. the next day. He asks every TV and radio station to carry it live. Expectations were high, but ultimately the governor didn't announce anything new.

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Steve Brown grew up in nearby Richwood, Ohio and now lives there with his wife and sons. He started his journalism career as a weekend board operator at WOSU while majoring in journalism at Ohio State, where he also wrote for the student newspaper The Lantern and co-founded the organization Students for Public Broadcasting.
Mike Thompson spends much of his time correcting people who mispronounce the name of his hometown – Worcester, Massachusetts. Mike studied broadcast journalism at Syracuse University when he was not running in circles – as a distance runner on the SU track team.