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Political Lies Or Protected Speech?

This Oct. 5, 2011 file photo shows the cooling tower of the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Oak Harbor, Ohio.
Amy Sanceta
Associated Press
This Oct. 5, 2011 file photo shows the cooling tower of the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Oak Harbor, Ohio.

In this week's episode of Snollygoster, Ohio's politics podcast from WOSU, hosts Mike Thompson and Steve Brown discuss whether the tactics used by a pro-energy bailout group go too far. Ohio State University law professor Dan Tokaji joins the show.

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On this week's episode:
Bailout Battle

Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts is the group collecting signatures to repeal the law that adds a small charge on nearly everyone’s electric bill to subsidize two old nuclear plants and two old coal plants – one of which is in Indiana.

Ohioans For Enery Security is the group working to preserve the law and prevent Ohioans from signing onto the ballot measure. Their TV ads and flyers make outlandish charges about Chinese influence in the energy industry.

Their claims are misleading: Ohio’s energy companies have foreign investors from many other countries, in addition to investors from China. So China is not going to take over Ohio’s energy grid, and there is no evidence they want your voter registration information, as the Orwellian mailers suggest.

Do Something

Legislators are considering five gun-related bills sponsored by Democrats. The bills would expand background checks to purchase a gun and increase the age to buy a gun from 18 to 21. There is also a "red flag" bill, which would allow police to confiscate the guns of someone in danger of committing violence.

The bills have some Republican support but gun rights groups are organizing against the effort.

Snollygoster Of The Week

White House adviser Kelleyanne Conway will be the keynote speaker at the Ohio Republican Party dinner this weekend. Organizers have strict rules for the news media: Reporters will be limited to a confined area and they are not allowed to talk to people at the dinner.

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Mike Thompson spends much of his time correcting people who mispronounce the name of his hometown – Worcester, Massachusetts. Mike studied broadcast journalism at Syracuse University when he was not running in circles – as a distance runner on the SU track team.
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