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Small Joys with Hanif Abdurraqib

Small Joys is a series of conversations between best-selling writer and Columbus-native Hanif Abdurraqib and creative people of all stripes about what keeps them going.

In each episode, Hanif talks with artists and writers about what fuels the creative process and discusses the little pleasures that help sustain us in our daily lives.

Funding for Small Joys with Hanif Abdurraqib is provided by The Columbus Foundation and the and the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

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Latest Episodes
  • We’re bringing you more conversations with creative people about how they work and what keeps them going. In season 2, we’ll talk with an author, an opera singer, a hip-hop producer, a painter, a chef, and much more.
  • In this bonus episode, poet and writer William Evans joins Hanif to discuss quitting your day job, being a parent, nerd fandom, DC vs. Marvel movies, and why black voices are needed in cultural criticism. Their conversation was recorded in 2019.
  • Music producer Angel Lopez talks with Hanif about hiking, raising a puppy, the LA Dodgers, playing MLB The Show on Playstation, finding new sounds, making music via Zoom, and getting back into the studio.
  • Drummer and composer Mark Lomax, II, talks with Hanif about telling stories with music, balancing family life with performing, how the live music scene has changed, performing for children and listening for "options" in new songs.
  • Author Nick White talks with Hanif about growing up in a small town, The Golden Girls, reading novels slowly, soap opera cliffhangers, and Tina Turner's 1988 concert in Rio.
  • Artist Cameron Granger talks with Hanif about learning to cook, group chats with friends, Toni Morrison quotes, getting therapy, and expressing yourself with memes.
  • Comic book writer and illustrator Jeff Smith talks with Hanif about Sunday comics, watching the debut of Star Wars, reading Lord of the Rings, listening to Sam Cooke and attending comic book conventions.
  • Children's book author Carlotta Penn talks with host Hanif Abdurraqib about black characters in media, flying in dreams, styling your child's hair, having an understanding boss and why being a genius is overrated.
  • Poet and writer Saeed Jones talks with host Hanif Abdurraqib about finding a good therapist, epic fantasy video games, dog ownership, making collages and the beauty of trees.
  • Poet and writer Maggie Smith talks with host Hanif Abdurraqib about putting a new book out during the pandemic, homemade mac 'n' cheese, jigsaw puzzles, napping in hammocks and inheriting your parents' record collection.