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The Ohio State Buckeyes Are National Champions... What's Next?


The Ohio State Buckeyes are National Champions. The value of the Buckeyes would probably surprise you. The basketball team is entering into the heart of Big Ten play. And one former Buckeye now finds himself playing Football in Australia... But it s not what you think.


The Ohio State Buckeyes are National Champions after defeating Oregon 42-20 in Dallas, Texas. So What’s next for the mighty Buckeyes? What does Cardale Jones do? How about Braxton Miller? Which Buckeyes are in contention for the Heisman trophy? We chat with Rob Oller from the Columbus Dispatch about the game and about what’s on the horizon for Ohio State.

Billion Dollar Buckeyes

Speaking of champs, the Ohio State Buckeyes also came out on top on the list of the highest valued college football programs in the country. To talk about the $1.1 Billion valuation the Buckeyes received, we talked with Columbus Business First editor, Doug Buchanan.

Basketball time

We’d all like to ride high on the National Championship for weeks, months and years to come, but it’s time to turn to Buckeye Basketball. For more on what’s been going on with the Buckeyes lately, we talked to Ben Axelrod of Bleacher Report.

Aussie Rules what?

What happens to college basketball players that don’t go pro? Some decide to play overseas, right? Well, what if I told you some of them decide to play in Australia? Only. They aren’t playing basketball. They’re playing Aussie Rules Football. How does that happen? Well it turns out, one basketball scout is partly responsible for basketball players, and one former OSU basketball player, playing Australian Rules Football, down under.

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