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Soccer Is Dominating The Sports World, And The US Is Relevant

WOSU Public Media's Steve Brown and Thomas Bradley talk World Cup soccer, the Columbus Crew and a win tax proposal.

With a 2-1 win over Ghana, the team that has eliminated the United States in the last two World Cups, the Americans seem to be in a prime position to advanced out of group play. With games against an ailing Portugal and a German team that may be resting players at that point, chances look good for the US.

The Crew

On break for the World Cup, but not on break for all of soccer, The Crew are keeping busy with U.S. Open matches this week. After The Score talks to Adam Jardy of the Columbus Dispatch about the Columbus Crew. Halfway through the MLS season, does the Crew have a chance at the playoffs?

Win Tax

What if funding was dependent on how well a team played? You rely on public funding for your stadium? What if that was dependent on your win-loss column. The idea is an interesting one. And Democratic Governor candidate Ed Fitzgerald has proposed this “win-tax.” Steve talks to Nick Castele of WCPN in Cleveland.

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