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World Cup Soccer, NBA Draft Proposals And A Look At Knee Injuries

Boris Austin / Stone

Thomas Bradley and Steve Brown talk about the World Cup, knee injuries and the NBA Daft Wheel.

World Cup

Has the U.S. FINALLY become a soccer powerhouse? We could find out this week. We talk World Cup soccer. The matches are underway, the United States plays on Monday, and Brazil is just about ready to host. Problems with stadium construction and public transportation strikes plagued the opening of the event, but the world hopes everything can remain smooth.

The host country Brazil is loaded and is the prohibitive favorite to take home the top prize. We spoke to Yahoo Sports reporter Martin Rogers about the 2014 World Cup.

Knee injuries

Also this week, Jeff St. Clair from member station WKSU tells us why young female athletes are up to ten times more likely to blow out a knee playing sports.

Draft wheel

Sick of Cleveland getting the first pick in the draft? So are a lot of people. There are a lot of teams sick of franchises getting rewarded for playing terribly. So now. A proposition. The draft wheel. It's a proposal supposedly getting some traction in NBA circles. The league is notorious for tanking, or losing on purpose, allegedly, to increase a team's chance of winning the draft lottery and getting the top pick.


The draft wheel does away with the lottery and sets a team's draft slot for the next 30 years. Total draft parity.

Steve Brown grew up in nearby Richwood, Ohio and now lives there with his wife and sons. He started his journalism career as a weekend board operator at WOSU while majoring in journalism at Ohio State, where he also wrote for the student newspaper The Lantern and co-founded the organization Students for Public Broadcasting.