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Mandie Trimble

Mandie Trimble is a former reporter for WOSU.

  • Questions about the Columbus Zoo’s governance structure and lack of transparency are not new. In 2014, as the zoo was asking Franklin County voters to approve a large tax increase, then-WOSU reporter Mandie Trimble dug into how the zoo is run. This story, originally published in April 2014, provides an interesting look back at the same questions the zoo faces today, following the recent resignations of director Tom Stalf and chief financial officer Greg Bell.
  • The Columbus lobbyist connected to a pay-to-play scheme was sentenced in federal court Wednesday. Columbus lobbyist John Raphael received 15 months in…
  • Your fantasy "supercar" may be a Porsche 918 or Lamborghini. Now Honda wants to change your dream by rolling out the Acura NSX — the most expensive car ever built in the U.S. by a major manufacturer.
  • Gas prices in Columbus, Ohio, are among the lowest in the country. Drivers appreciate the savings, but anti-sprawl advocates say cheap gas doesn't help their cause.