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Westerville Central High School Football Team Members Under Investigation For Possible Assault

Exterior of Westerville Central High School
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Westerville Central High School

Members of the Westerville Central High School football team are under investigation for possible assault.

A member of the team alleges that while he was in the locker room on August 9, multiple players knocked him to the ground, kicked him and that one teammate possibly sexually assaulted him.

Genoa Township Police Chief Steve Gammill said his office is gathering evidence, facts and conducting dozens of interviews.

“Once we have those, we’ll present them to the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office, and they will determine at that point if there’s enough evidence to file criminal charges and what those criminal charges would be," he said.

Gammill said the investigation is ongoing, so he cannot yet share specific details.

“We know and we’ve heard that there’s some rumors going around the school about what occurred, but we don’t deal with or address rumors,” he said. “Again, we deal with trying to gather the actual facts of what happened, then work from there.”

The news comes on the day of the team's season-opening game against crosstown rival Westerville North.