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Internal Review Finds No Wrongdoing In Columbus Police Chopper Skywriting

Flickr Creative Commons
The Columbus Police helicopter in July 2010 during the Red White and Boom fireworks.

A Columbus police helicopter crew that spelled out the department’s initials during an early morning patrol over a residential neighborhood committed no misconduct. That's the finding of an internal review.

But officials say the department’s flight rules will be updated to “remind” all helicopter crews not to loiter over residential areas without a clear law-enforcement purpose.

The report through a public records request.

The two-person crew said the maneuver wasn’t planned, but carried out after they noticed on a flight-tracking display they had unintentionally spelled out what resembled a “C” while on patrol over a southside neighborhood on April 17.

The pattern was noticed on the flight tracking application, FlightAware.

Columbus Police helicopter flight path from the early morning hours of Saturday, April 17 where the pilot spelled out the department's initials between runs.