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DeWine Vetoes Fireworks Bill, Calling It "Dramatic Change"

Matt Buck
Wikimedia Commons

Gov. Mike DeWine has vetoed a bill passed by Republican legislators that would have allowed Ohioans to set off the big fireworks they can legally purchase here in the state.

The bill would have allowed Ohioans who now must promise to take fireworks out of state to set them off on about two-weeks-worth of holidays throughout the year.

Gov. Mike DeWine vetoed the fireworks bill, saying it "would be a dramatic change in Ohio law, which would make Ohio one of the least restrictive states in regard to fireworks laws,” said DeWine.

The bill also prohibited people under the influence of drugs and alcohol from setting off fireworks and it allowed cities to continue to restrict or ban fireworks.

The veto means setting off big fireworks, including those bought in Ohio, is still illegal. But the bill passed by a veto proof majority, so an override is possible.