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Ohio State Plans Program To Settle With More Richard Strauss Abuse Victims

Dr. Richard Strauss
Associated Press

Ohio State University says in new court filings that it's planning an individual settlement program that could help resolve more of the remaining claims over alleged sexual misconduct by team doctor Richard Strauss.

The now-deceased doctor is accused of abusing hundreds of young men during his two decades there.

The university already reached nearly $47 million in settlements for 185 plaintiffs — or an average of about $252,000.

OSU says it's committed to providing up to that same average settlement amount under the new program. That could allow some remaining accusers to resolve their cases even as others continue litigation.

Ohio State has already settled lawsuits involving 185 accusers for over $46 million. An independent investigation found that Ohio State officials knew about Strauss' misconduct as early as 1979, but failed to properly respond until 1996, and accusers say administrators willfully acted to hide the abuse.

The former team doctor worked at the school from 1978-1998, and died by apparent suicide in 2005.