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Mount Carmel Won't Release Names Of Officers Involved In Miles Jackson Shooting

Mount Carmel St. Ann's in Westerville.
Mount Carmel Health System
Mount Carmel St. Ann's in Westerville.

Mount Carmel Health System is refusing to release the names of officers involved in the fatal shooting of Miles Jackson in the emergency room of one of its hospitals last month.

Officers with Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital in Westerville are certified by the state and carry guns, like hundreds of other sworn officers working for private entities in Ohio. But because they are not part of a formal department and don’t carry out regular police duties the hospital argues they aren’t covered by the state’s open records law.

Both Columbus and St. Ann's officers fired their weapons in the April 12 incident.

Jackson died after a struggle with Columbus Police officers over the weapon in an emergency room exam room at St. Ann's Hospital.

Body camera footage released in the days after the shooting shows a more than a six-minute struggle with Jackson within an emergency room exam room that led to police officers shooting him multiple times. Right before police fired shots at Jackson, a single shot was fired.

The video initially shows two Columbus police officers struggled to subdue and retrieve a gun that Jackson had in his possession. One police officer used a taser on Jackson when his gun fired an initial shot.

As police searched Jackson, they found a gun and a bullet in his pants. A Westerville Police officer missed that gun during a pat-down of Jackson. The officer

Jackson was initially transported to St. Ann’s after Westerville Police found him asleep in a car. Police officers accompanied him to the emergency room because he had outstanding warrants in Columbus.