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Ohio Supreme Court Keeps Kanye West Off Presidential Ballot

Kanye West has filed a petition to run for president in Ohio.
Michael Wyke
Associated Press

Rapper Kanye West will remain off Ohio’s fall presidential ballot after a decision Thursday by the state’s high court.

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose acted lawfully when he rejected West’s nominating petitions, which included nearly 15,000 signatures. LaRose said West's campaign "failed to meet the necessary threshold for certification" due to mismatched information.

Attorneys for West’s campaign in Ohio had argued it was LaRose’s duty to accept any petition for an independent candidate as long as no protest was filed against their petition and it didn’t violate Ohio law.

LaRose defended his decision by saying that presidential candidates need to fill out their paperwork correctly.

"Legally, there was no way as Secretary of State that I could look at this form, filled out incorrectly, and say 'OK, we can put you on the ballot,'" LaRose says.

The musician and business mogul formerly supported President Donald Trump before announcing his own president bid on July 4. He’s on the ballot in 12 states, with Wyoming spiritual coach Michelle Tidball as his vice presidential pick.

West has also been blocked from the ballot in Arizona, Virginia, Wisconsin and several other states.