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Columbus School Board To Vote On New Travel Policies

Columbus City Schools District Office.
Nick Evans

The Columbus Board of Education is scheduled to vote Tuesday on new travel policies following criticism of recent trips by board members.

This week's vote comes after two members, who are leaving office at the end of the year, used district money to attend a conference in South Florida. That trip, as well as other recent professional development conferences, drew criticism from some board members and student activists protesting building conditions.

Under the proposed rules, trips like the one to Florida would have to specially authorized by the board.

Board member Jennifer Adair brought it to the policy committee for review. She says another policy would require travel be logged and approved earlier in the budget process, and include justification for the trips.

"Being able to up front say this is strategically why we go, allowing the members of the public to more fully understand that, and coming back and showing the return on investment was really the biggest reasons why I brought it forward," Adair says.

Adair says the changes should help save the district money by streamlining the travel process. She says the rules aren't intended to curb travel, but instead clearly outline the reason for it.