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State Fire Marshal Simulating Combat Zone For Medical Training

Ohio State Fire Marshal

A specialized training exercise is taking place all week at the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Fire Marshal Jeff Hussey says third-party organization Tri-Med will be teaching SWAT medic skills on the campus east of Reynoldsburg.

He expects dozens of fire fighters, medical professionals and law enforcement officers to be on hand for the training.

“Those law enforcement folks are working in a very, very dangerous environment, so the tactical medic is responsible to move with that team and be able to provide immediate aid to somebody that is shot or injured,” Hussey says.

Hussey says the course will focus on how to provide medical care in what is essentially a war zone.

“They’re a specialized medical provider and many of them already do that on a daily basis, but they’re learning additional set of skills to work in that very difficult, almost combat type environment,” he says. “I equate them to a combat medic.”

He adds neighbors should expect some commotion.

“There’s gonna be some unusual activities on campus, including maybe some fake gunfire, maybe some smoke or crowd control procedures,” Hussey says. “There could be some sirens or some other loud noises, because this a very intense training and they try to create some very realistic scenarios for these folks that are learning these skills.”