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Lawmaker Wants To Expand Ohio's Sales Tax Holiday

school supplies
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Some children are going back to school this week in Ohio along with items bought during the state’s annual sales tax holiday two weekends ago.

Ohio is one of 16 states offering sales tax free weekends for back to school shopping. A state lawmaker is proposing a bill to make even more items tax free during that weekend next year.

School supplies up to $20 and clothing up to $75 can be purchased during the sales-tax free weekend. Republican Rep. Niraj Antani (R-Miamisburg) wants to increase the spending limits for both to $100 per item. He also wants to add exemptions for much more expensive laptops and iPads.

“Technology is ever growing in importance in education, that students need these technologies in the classroom, so we wanted to make laptops and ipads included," Antani says.

Though some experts say sales tax free weekends cost states money and don’t bring big savings to customers, Antani says a study showed Ohioans saved more than $3 million in sales tax in 2015 and increased economic activity, especially from other states.