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State Budget Tabs More Money For Online Child Enticement Investigators

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost
Ohio Public Radio
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

Ohio is pumping more money into a program that protects children from abuse and exploitation online, but while the money will go towards important resources, state leaders say parents still play the most vital role.

Lawmakers added $1 million into Ohio's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force fund.

The group, which investigates child abuse imagery and online enticement, will use the money to increase personnel, upgrade equipment, and advance training.

Attorney General Dave Yost says the task force is an important tool, but parents who intervene on their children's online activities are still the first line of defense.

"It's time for mom and dads to put their parental pants on and lay down the law. You've got to be watching, it's your job to protect," says Yost.

The new money will also be used to increase the task force's educational outreach to teach parents and children about online crimes.

The additional money was appropriated through the new state operating budget for FY20-21.