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Section Of Olentangy Trail Closes For Construction


A portion of the Olentangy Trail will be closed for construction for three weeks starting Monday.

The path from Antrim Park to Bethel Road will reopen on August 12.

A $3.7 million contract covers both the widening of the trail, from 9 feet to 12 feet, and the addition of a half-mile connection along Bethel. 

Brad Westall, planning manager for Columbus Recreation and Parks, says the trail is one of the most popular in the city.

"Folks ride to work now, running clubs, all sorts of users,” Westall says. “It's one of the most diverse groups of folks that use paths in our entire region."

That portion of the trail is among its narrowest corridors.

"It’s a tight area, the river's on one side and the freeway is on the other, so we're doing our best to maximize the space that cyclists, runners, walkers, people who are just taking a stroll, so they can all fit together,” he says.