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Columbus Council Introduces Capital Improvement Budget, With Public Input

Elizabeth Brown

Columbus City Council will introduce the capital improvement budget, which they developed with community input, at its meeting Monday night.

Council members visited 26 neighborhoods across the city to collect feedback on the $940 million budget.

“Neighborhoods do have different priorities because every neighborhood is unique,” says council member Elizabeth Brown. “However, there really are some basic issues that every neighborhood unites around.”

Brown says the plan will dedicate money to individual neighborhood needs, like a pre-K center in the Hilltop, while also addressing city-wide priorities like street resurfacing and sidewalks. According to a draft of the budget, the city will devote $182 million to sewer and waterline improvements, as well as street lighting.

“That’s what is so important I think about the capital budget, is that people can see it and feel it in their daily experience living in our city,” Brown says.

Council expects to vote on the budget in the coming weeks.