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Gas Tax Increase Will Fund I-70/I-71 Interchange Fix, Governor Says

On the roof a parking garage at Nationwide Children's Hospital, Gov. Mike DeWine assured a crowd that the Columbus Crossroads reconstruction project would move forward.

Starting next year, construction will begin in order to widen I-71 northbound from Broad Street to Long Street.

"The full Columbus Crossroads project is expected to limit lane changes by about 70 percent," DeWine said.

More construction on I-71 northbound, and I-70 eastbound, will start in two years. And in about three years, I-70 westbound and I-71 southbound will be redone.

"More people living and working here mean more drivers are on these roads," DeWine said. "And certainly I don't have to tell anyone who lives in Central Ohio about the congestion."

The project was in jeopardy due to lack of funds, but increased revenue from the new transportation budget, specifically the gas tax, means the phases will continue as planned.

The next phase begins next week, which will widen I-70 east from Fourth to Miller Avenue and create a new ramp from the highway to Parsons Avenue.