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Ohio Secretary of State Urges Skepticism About Election News

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John Minchillo
Associated Press

Ohio’s Secretary of State Frank LaRose is warning voters to be vigilant when they come across information regarding politics and government on social media, he says misinformation remains a top priority in the fight against elections meddling.

LaRose spoke on the issue of cybersecurity and elections after recently receiving a classified briefing from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He says Ohio’s elections system, the casting and tabulation of votes, is secure.

What’s still concerning to LaRose is the fake information that meddlers and bots spread through social media and other digital platforms. With that looming threat, LaRose urges voters to be more thoughtful consumers of information.

“When they receive information from a credentialed credible news organization like yourself that’s information that they can take to the bank. But just because it’s on Facebook or Twitter or somebody sent it to them in an email doesn’t mean it’s true,” LaRose says.

LaRose supports SB 52 to create the Ohio Cyber Reserve, which would conduct post-election audits among other things.