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Funding For Ohio Military Projects Could Be Diverted To Border Wall


Ohio’s congressional delegation is concerned that money designated for military projects here could be diverted to the border wall if President Trump’s national emergency declaration stands.

U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Niles) lists three at-risk projects totaling $77 million. They include a $7.4 million machine gun range at Camp Garfield (formerly Camp Ravenna) and a nearly $9 million main gate upgrade at the Youngstown Air Reserve Station.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) has concerns about other projects, as well.

“Some of that might be Wright Patterson Air Force Base, some of it might be veterans facilities, who knows?” Brown says. “I mean, he will take money from where he takes the money. We think it’s all an illegal act, but he has stacked the Supreme Court with ideologues that he appointed, at least the two new people, so I have great concern about this.”

Wright Patterson is supposed to get $61 million this year for an expansion of its National Air and Space Intelligence Center

The U.S. House this week passed a resolution to terminate the national emergency. The U.S. Senate has to vote within 18 days. But even if enough Republicans join Democrats to approve the resolution, the President has said he’ll veto the legislation. And there are not likely enough votes to override that veto.