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Senate President Says He Wants Another Income Tax Cut

Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof
Ohio Senate

State lawmakers are now considering Gov. Mike DeWine’s 18 cent gas tax increase, to plug a hole of more than a billion dollars in the Department of Transportation’s budget. However one legislative leader says they’re also looking for ways to cut taxes again.

Republican Senate President Larry Obhof noted the income tax has been cut in the last four state budgets.

He said in this upcoming two-year budget, his caucus is interested in trying for another cut and maybe even eliminating one of Ohio’s seven tax brackets.

“It's a significant, complex issue. But you have to eat away a one bite at a time. And then last cycle we decided, O.K., let's take two of these if we can. We're going to come back for more of this time," Obhof said.

Critics say cutting income taxes has shifted the burden to sales taxes, which hurt lower income people more. And they say cutting the number of brackets or flattening the tax rate would benefit the wealthiest taxpayers, with most Ohioans paying more so a few could pay less.