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Snow Closure Delays ACT Testing At Columbus City Schools

Ohio Department of Transportation

The overnight snowfall closed Columbus City Schools on Wednesday and threw a wrench in ACT testing for high school juniors. 

Starting in 2017, Ohio school districts began offering free ACT or SAT testing to 11th graders, with the state education department picking up the tab. Columbus City Schools planned to offer ACT tests on Wednesday, but spokesperson Scott Varner says a snow closure pushed their plans back.

“We will have a rescheduled ACT testing window next Tuesday the 26th,” Varner says. “So we will make sure that all of our juniors get the opportunity to take that test.”

He explains moving the date won’t be a big deal, but the district can’t delay too long.

"There are limited times at which you can have these ACT tests given, so we're making to make sure to get it while students are ready for the test, and before the window closes to make sure that it is something that will count for our young people," Varner says.

The district’s new testing window is open from February 26-28. The move also means changes for other grades: 9th, 10th and 12th graders will start late so juniors can take the test without distractions.