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Franklin County Judge Pleads Guilty To Driving While Intoxicated

Judge Monica Hawkins

Franklin County Judge Monica Hawkins has pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated.  

Hawkins appeared in a Fairfield County courtroom on Thursday morning, pleading guilty to an OVI charge.

Pickerington police pulled her over in January for driving across marked lanes. An officer smelled alcohol when Hawkins rolled down her window, and dash cam video showed Hawkins struggling to keep her balance during sobriety tests. 

During the court proceeding, Hawkins took full responsibility for her actions and described the incident as a “horribly embarrassing and humbling experience.” As part of her plea agreement, the judge sentenced Hawkins to a mandatory three-day residential program, and prosecutors dropped a crimimnal misdemeanor charge.

The judge also suspended Hawkins' license for a year, but allowed her to drive to work and to any medical or counseling appointments.