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Columbus Saw Homicides Drop 28 Percent Last Year

Columbus Ohio Police Ford Interceptor Utility
Wikimedia Commons

Columbus logged 103 homicides in 2018, a 28 percent decrease from a record-high 143 homicides the previous year.

City officials say 73 percent of the homicides in 2018 were caused by shootings, and more than 70 percent of homicide victims were black. The Columbus Dispatch reports the city's Hilltop neighborhood continued to be the city's deadliest, with 17 homicides in 2018 compared to 16 in 2017.

Police Commander Rhonda Grizzell says officers were concerned about the prevalence of violent crime in the area in 2017 and tried to be more proactive. Grizzell says officers used information including statistics and citizen complaints to drive enforcement efforts

She notes there is often an ebb and flow in violent crime, making it difficult for officers to determine a direct cause-and-effect.