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Second Columbus Vice Detective Relieved Of Duty Amid FBI Probe

Columbus Ohio Police Ford Interceptor Utility
Wikimedia Commons

Columbus Police Vice Unit detective Steve Rosser was relieved of active duty Wednesday, according to department spokesperson Denise Alex-Bouzounis.

Police took away Rosser’s gun and badge when they assigned him to desk duty.

The FBI task force investigating Vice recommended Rosser be taken off active duty based on their findings. It is not clear what the task force discovered as part of their probe.

Rosser was one of four officers involved in the arrest of Stormy Daniels in July. He led the sting that arrested Daniels and two other women at Sirens strip club, charging them with violating Ohio's "Community Defense Act."

City Attorney Zach Klein later dropped the charges against them, saying they did not "regularly appear nude or semi-nude" at a club, as state law prohibits.

Columbus Police opened an investigation on the Vice Unit in September, freezing most of the unit's operations. Later that month, Chief Kim Jacobs handed the investigation over the FBI.

In September, the FBI searched the home of another Vice officer, Andrew Mitchell, who was relieved of duty with pay. Mitchell fatally shot Donna Castleberry in August while arresting her on prostitution charges, and was previously the subject of another misconduct investigation.