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Joe Biden Encourages Ohio State Students To Vote For Cordray

Milkshakes in hand, former Vice President Joe Biden and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray encouraged students at Ohio State to vote in next week’s election.

Inside a diner in the Ohio Union, Biden did his usual routine with Cordray in tow: handshakes, selfies, and of course, milkshakes. Biden even called one student’s grandma to tell her to vote for Cordray.

Biden said that he fears Cordray’s opponent, Republican Mike DeWine, wouldn’t stand up to his party or the president.

“We need people that are going to stand, stand firmly for things. And I’ve watched this guy,” Biden said, gesturing at Cordray.

He praised Cordray for leading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, his stances on healthcare, and his Jeopardy!-level smarts. (Cordray was a five-time champion.)

“First thing you’ve got to know about this guy: He’s smarter than you,” Biden said, to laughs. “That’s the first thing you’ve got to know. After that, it all goes uphill from there.”

After answering questions on student debt and jobs, Biden bid farewell to the students, threw a $20 bill on the counter for the milkshakes Cordray already paid for, and exited the diner chanting, “Vote!”

Current Vice President Mike Pence also plans to rally Ohio voters this week. On Wednesday, Pence headlines a Mansfield event meant to raise support for Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine and congressional candidate Troy Balderson.

On Monday, the White House confirmed President Trump will host a rally in Cleveland on Monday, one day before the midterm election.