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Columbus Kills Sheep Farm Deal With Upper Arlington

Paige Pfleger
The city of Columbus will no longer sell 34 acres of land to Upper Arlington.

Earlier this month, Columbus City Council approved an ordinance allowing the city to buy a 57-acre plot of land known as the "sheep farm" from The Ohio State University. The city planned to sell parcels to Dublin City Schools and Upper Arlington.

But after reviewing proposals, Sophia Fifner of the Parks and Recreation Department says the city decided not to go forward with the sale of 34 acres of that land to Upper Arlington.

“We had a series of conversations with residents regarding what they would like to see, and we felt that that wasn’t the best next step for northwest Columbus,” Fifner says. "We will no longer be considering the proposal that included the sale of 34 acres of land to the city of Upper Arlington as a viable option for our community."

Upper Arlington planned to use the space for youth athletics fields, which concerned nearby residents who want the land to be available for public use.