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FBI Will Assist With Investigation Of Columbus Police Vice Unit

Andy L

Chief Kim Jacobs has requested the help of the FBI in investigating Columbus Police’s vice unit.

The division paused the majority of Vice Unit cases earlier this month after two high-profile incidents: the arrest of porn star Stormy Daniels, which Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein declined to prosecute, and the fatal shooting of a woman charged with prostitution.

"Recent high profile incidents have brought forward a variety of allegations against the Vice Section via social media postings and other sources," said a press release Thursday.

A task force including the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the state auditor was commissioned to look into the Vice Unit’s conduct. They’ll now have assistance from the FBI’s Public Corruption Task Force, now that "evidence has developed in the investigations," according to the release.

"A formal request was made by Chief Kim Jacobs to transfer the investigations and the Task Force accepted," the release continued.

The pause of the majority of unit operations remains in effect.

A spokeswoman for the Division of Police said they had no further comments, and declined to give a timeline for the investigation.