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Capital University Offering Half-Off Tuition For Families In Public Service

Wikimedia Commons

Starting next year, Capital University will offer undergraduate students half-off tuition if their families work in the non-profit sector.

As part of the Good Guarantee program, undergraduate students at the Bexley private school will pay half the cost of tuition if they or their families have chosen "mission-centered careers through non-profit and public-service work." That includes teaching, law enforcement, church and faith-based employment, as well as the military.

Tuition for traditional undergraduate students at Capital currently costs $35,146 per year. The program does not cover room and board, books or course fees. 

University President Dr. Elizabeth Paul said in a press release that they hope the plan will make Capital more feasible for people preparing for "meaningful lives and careers."

"Higher education is a significant investment, and many families are caught in the middle financially," Paul wrote. "They think private universities like Capital are out of reach. Our hope is that the Good Guarantee opens doors and conversations, and makes Capital even more attainable to purposeful people who are preparing for meaningful lives and careers."

According to the university press release, "nearly 100 percent of its traditional undergraduate students receive financial aid."