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Travis Irvine Picked As Libertarian Candidate For Ohio Governor

Travis Irvine
Travis Irvine

Restored to minor party status in Ohio, the Libertarian Party has picked its statewide ballot for November’s elections.

In the governor race, Bexley native Travis Irvine will run as the “pro-freedom alternative to career politicians” Mike DeWine and Richard Cordray, the Republican and Democratic candidates, respectively. Business owner Todd Grayson will run for lieutenant governor.

Irvine is a filmmaker and comedian who ran an unsuccessful campaign for mayor of Bexley in 2007.

“Voters who want real, positive change here in Ohio know they’re not going to get it from Republicans or Democrats,” Irvine said in a statement.

Irvine’s platform includes the legalization of marijuana, protecting gun rights, criminal justice reform, reducing regulations and cutting taxes.

The party nominated Robert Coogan, a Cincinnati accountant and finance professional, for state auditor. He’ll run against Republican Keith Faber and Democrat Zack Space. Dustin Nanna, of Delaware, will run for secretary of state against Democrat Kathleen Clyde and Republican Frank LaRose.

The Libertarian Party of Ohio regained minor party status in July through a process imposed under Ohio's new, more restrictive third-party law. That allowed the party's candidates to seek office in the upcoming election despite not being able to hold a primary.

The Libertarian Party will not field a candidate for the 12th District congressional election, after Matthew Brendan O’Connor failed to submit enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. However, it will run candidates in four other congressional races.

Irvine must win 3 percent of the statewide vote in order to keep the Libertarian Party’s status for the 2020 presidential election.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.