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University Of Akron To Phase Out 80 Degree Programs

University of Akron student union
University of Akron
The University of Akron is eliminating degree programs with low enrollments to focus on degrees in key areas of strength and opportunity.

The University of Akron is eliminating about one fifth of its academic degrees. The move is part of an Academic Program Review presented to the Board of Trustees on Wednesday.

Universities commonly undergo academic program reviews to eliminate programs or degrees that are not attracting many students.

Changes at Akron come after several years of belt tightening that led to two presidents leaving office. The current president John Green is serving on an interim basis as the schools looks to hire a new leader.

The 80 degrees or degree tracks being phased out affect just 1,000 of its 22,000 students. Students in the affected programs will be able to finish their degrees.

Ten Ph.D. programs, 33 master's programs, 20 bachelor's programs and 17 associate's programs will be eliminated in the next few years.

Green said no faculty will be laid off as the degree tracks are eliminated.

The school is investing more in some degrees like polymer science, biosciences, computer science, dance, music and cyber-security, hiring 31 fulltime faculty.

The board also heard that the school dipped into its reserves for $ 4.5 million dollars to finish its budget year, far less than the $29 million expected. The university saw a 74 percent increase in gifts for the past school year.

The board asked for a report on a possible academic reorganization by December.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.