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Activists Continue To Protest Immigration Policy At Ohio Statehouse

Jo Ingles
Statehouse News Bureau
Immigration protest at Ohio Statehouse.

Protests against the Trump administration’s immigration policies continue around the Ohio Statehouse. While the state doesn’t dictate that policy, activists say it has a lot to lose from it. 

Children demonstrated at the Statehouse on Thursday as part of an effort started by Dr. Martin Luther King in 1964 and reborn under the leadership of the Children’s Defense Fund. But they were just one group protesting on this hot July day.

A block away, a different group of activists entered the building being used by ICE, singing songs and occupying the hallway. After 15 minutes they were asked to leave – they had wanted to stay 33, one minute for every child they say has been removed from immigrant parents in Ohio since Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy began.

Both groups say they’ll continue to wage peaceful protests until the policy changes.

This week's protests follow a June 30 rally at the Ohio Statehouse that drew thousands, as part of a coordinated nationwide effort aimed at ending "zero tolerance" and family detention practices.