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Ohio State Suspends Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity Through 2022

Aerial view of The Oval on Ohio State University's campus
Ohio State University

Citing violations relating to hazing and endangering students, The Ohio State University officials in the Student Life Department handed down a four-year suspension for the fraternity Phi Kappa Psi.

The decision comes after two investigations stretching back into last year. In March, the fraternity was placed on probation for two years for similar violations as well as alcohol, but additional allegations surfaced since then, leading to the suspension.

Fraternity members have five days to appeal the decision.

Barring that appeal, in 2022 the chapter can petition the school to return to campus.  If it does, said Student Life spokesman David Isaacs in a statement, “the chapter will also be required to take steps to demonstrate that it operates in a manner consistent with the Code of Student Conduct, Sorority and Fraternity Life policies, student organization guidelines, other relevant university policies and all state and federal laws.”

Last November the university suspended all its fraternities, and began allowing them to apply to resume activities on an individual basis a few months later.