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Mike DeWine Wins Republican Primary For Ohio Governor

Gabe Rosenberg

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has won the Republican nomination for Ohio governor.

One of the state's best-known politicians, DeWine and his running mate - Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted - will face former consumer watchdog Richard Cordray in the fall's election. 

DeWine emerges somewhat damaged from a bitter and nasty primary against Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, in which Taylor likened him to Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and questioned his loyalty to President Trump.

DeWine, 71, is a moderate Republican who previously served two terms in the U.S. Senate. But Taylor pushed him to the right as he attempted to appeal to Trump voters. Ultimately, DeWine was endorsed by the Ohio Republican Party and consolidated support behind his campaign.

On the Democratic side, Richard Cordray overwhelmingly won the Democratic nomination for governor. You can view their primary results here.

The below tallies will update as soon as votes come in. We're also liveblogging the results elsewhere on the site.