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Ohio Democrats Call For Investigation Into Rosenberger's Resignation

Former Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger
Ohio House
Former Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger

Some Democratic lawmakers want an independent investigation into what prompted former House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger to resign.

Rep. David Leland says Rosenberger is the first Ohio Speaker to resign in disgrace since 1803. And Leland wants to know why the FBI is asking questions about Rosenberger.

“Well, I think it must be serious. I don’t think someone resigns from one of the three most important positions in the state of Ohio for no reason," Leland says.

Leland and other Democrats want the Legislative Inspector General and the Franklin County Prosecutor to conduct an independent investigation into Rosenberger’s activities leading up to his resignation, especially looking into his relationship with lobbyists who were advocating for or against bills in the legislature.

Rosenberger resigned earlier this month after the FBI started to inquire about his travel around the country and internationally, including a trip to London along with two lobbyists from the title lending industry, as the state is considering new rules for payday lenders.