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DeWine Tells TV Stations Not To Air Taylor's Attack Ad


With a little over three weeks until the primary, the Republican candidates for governor and their supporters are spending millions on advertising. The mostly-negative ad war is heating up, but one candidate is dispatching lawyers to try and stop it.

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor’s campaign just released a new ad building on a commercial from last month that critiqued Attorney General Mike DeWine for his voting record. Taylor ties DeWine’s record in the U.S. Senate with those of Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“Mike DeWine voted with Hillary Clinton 962 times,” says the ad. “Amnesty for millions of illegals. Wasteful spending that put America trillions in debt. Gun control that trampled on the Second Amendment.”


According to the Columbus Dispatch, the $800,000 ad buy will air in Cincinnati and Dayton. But on Friday, DeWine’s lawyer fired back, sending cease-and-desist letters to TV stations airing it.

A spokesman says Taylor has lies about her positions on issues and about DeWine, and that these particular lines are also false, along with another claim in the ad that DeWine supported so-called sanctuary cities.

DeWine has gotten harsh in advertisements of his own, calling Mary Taylor “unfit and unqualified” in an ad last month. And in a spot called “Rock Solid,” DeWine’s campaign touts him as a “rock-solid conservative for governor.”