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Kasich Signs Domestic Violence Law Closing Ohio Loopholes

Gov. Kasich signs domestic violence bill into law.
John Kasich
Gov. Kasich signs domestic violence bill into law.

Gov. John Kasich has signed into law a bill that strengthens Ohio’s domestic violence laws by closing loopholes and allowing victims access to more services.

Democratic state Rep. Emilia Sykes was one of the sponsors of HB 1, legislation that allows victims of dating violence to get civil protection orders and which adds dating violence to the Attorney General's Victim's Bill of Rights.

“I am elated, proud and truly honored to be here with friends, family, advocates and Governor Kasich as he signs House Bill 1 into law," Sykes said.

Ohio lagged behind the rest of the country, as most states already had laws on the books addressing dating violence.

This new law will also provide access to domestic violence shelters for victims of violence in dating relationships. The law passed with widespread support from Republicans and Democrats in the Ohio Legislature, after sitting idle in the legislature for more than a year.